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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all window films the same? 2015-09-29T03:12:06+10:30


There are many different types of window tints available and like any product on the market, not all of them are good. We recommend you choose a proven window film manufacturer like the ones found at Adelaide Window Tinting.

Can the tint be removed? 2015-09-29T03:13:17+10:30

Yes. Window tint can be removed.

Adelaide window tinting recommend using a trained tint technician, as they have the appropriate tools and knowledge to remove the film without damaging the glass.

How long does it take to install? 2015-09-29T03:13:28+10:30

A typical installation on a vehicle takes approximately 3 hours. The time may vary if an existing film needs to be removed. The process involves installing the new film, replacing the door panels and allowing time for the film to dry.

Does tint go on the outside? 2015-09-29T03:12:42+10:30

No, tint is installed on the inside of the glass unless we are installing Anti-Graffiti film.

When preparing for curved windows on your car, we will put the tint on the outside first so we can heat shrink or mould the tint to the curved surface, then it will be installed on the inside.

What makes tint illegal? 2018-06-20T11:13:14+10:30

Tint laws vary from state to state. To view South Australia’s vehicle tinting laws please visit: https://www.sa.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0003/7158/Window-tint-factsheet-Ver3a1.pdf

Why do some tints bubble or go purple? 2015-09-29T03:12:56+10:30

A bubbled/purple film means it has deteriorated over time, the adhesive has broken down and the dye in the tint has faded or lost its colour. As the sun deteriorates basically everything, window tint will not last forever so its unreasonable to expect your lifetime warranty window tint to last for 50 years.

However, by spending a little extra on a good quality window tint like those you will find at Adelaide Window Tinting, you will have the peace of mind that your window film will stand the test of time in Australia’s harshest conditions and block out more heat than the cheaper films.

How long before I can put my windows down? 2015-09-29T03:13:02+10:30

Adelaide Window Tinting recommends not to put your windows down for 48 hours after installation.

How long does it take to dry? 2015-09-29T03:13:10+10:30

Adelaide Window Tinting usually has a curing period up to 30 days. This can vary depending if the finished product is in direct sunlight or shade and on the construction of the film.