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Home & Office Window Tinting

Commercial / office window tinting. The solar filtering technology of Adelaide Window Tinting’s films make a noticeable difference when it comes to maintaining the look and comfort of any building. Our window films not only increase privacy and reduce heat and glare from the sun, but it can also significantly enhance the effectiveness of your air conditioner and heater. It will minimise your energy consumption, protect your entire staff from hazards associated with broken or shattered glass. Office window tinting also aids protection by rejecting dangerous UV light that can damage your skin, soft furnishings,  and fade furniture, carpets and curtains.

Single pane window glass blocks under 1/4 of UV rays while modern solar control commercial window tinting film can block up to 99% of these harmful rays.

Adelaide Window Tinting can help you to choose the best protection for your work premises. We know what films are available, and the difference in quality!

Our business is 100% independent, so unlike many of our competitors, we are not biased in recommending a specific manufacturer. The films we source come from worldwide reputable manufacturers allowing us to provide you with the best commercial window tinting solution.

Energy efficient office window tinting film is one of the most affordable systems that can reduce your HVAC or air conditioning by up to 34% instantly.

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Glass Window Tinting

At Adelaide Window Tinting we believe window film is a crucial part of any commercial premises. It will transform your space both physically and visually. Office window tinting films can be selected for a number of reasons including protection from the sun, decrease heat and glare, added security and safety, aid with insulation and to reduce your energy costs and improve your bottom line.

Picture your windows tinted with our tint simulator.

Solar Window Film for your office

Are you finding it hard to concentrate on your work because of extreme heat or cold? Do you want to reduce skyrocketing heating and cooling and bills? Does the awful glare from outside make it hard to see your computer screen? Then solar window film is for you!

Adelaide Window Tinting provides high quality, affordable, carbon neutral solar office window tinting films; these earn back their cost in 2-5 years. Our extensive range of films can provide long lasting solutions to any of your solar protection needs and save you up to 7 times their cost.


  • Save up to 34% on utility bills
  • Cuts up to 83% of solar energy
  • Massive reduction in glare and brightness
  • Cuts 5-95% of visible and infrared light, dramatically reducing the temperature
  • Prevents fading of furniture, paintings and carpets
  • Varying strengths allows temperature stability
  • Cuts up to 99% of UV light, which can cause melanoma and premature skin aging
  • Is better for the environment
Solar Window Tinting Film Adelaide
Solar Window Tinting Film Adelaide

Privacy Window Film

Do you have valuable equipment in your office?

Are you worried about thieves looking for potential targets, and preying on your commercial dwelling? This can be a major problem when windows look onto public areas. Curtains or blinds can offer much needed privacy but remove most natural light and who wants to sit in the dark?

Adelaide Window Tinting offer a wide range of commercial window tinting films, which provide privacy while not obscuring your view.

Due to the difference in brightness between the inside and outside of your building our reflective range reflects just enough light to prevent your inner premises being seen, yet keeps your space bright and naturally lit.

Privacy Films also benefit you by:

  • Lowering total solar energy (heat) entering your office, saving money on air-conditioning
  • Securing your windows against accidents and intrusion
  • Lowering the amount of incoming light thus reducing glare
  • Blocking UV rays, protecting your skin and furniture
Privacy Window Tinting Film

Frosting Window Film

Window frosting can be used for many purposes, such as decoration, privacy and appearance of glass. Our high quality frosted films can raise the aesthetic appeal of any glass, as well as partially or totally obscure your employees and work area from others.

Frosted films can ensure your privacy by offering up to 2% visual light transmission? Often used in bathrooms, foyers, and on balconies, frosted films offer around the clock privacy, when it’s really needed. Frosted films allow natural light in, and can be an elegant addition to any room.

Range of films we can provide include:

  • FROSTED: Simple light dispersion, often with patterns built into the film. Allows light to pass through keeping rooms lit, but ensuring your privacy.
  • VINYL: Solid colour film that blocks most light. Works well in patches, as a partial or complete block of window viewing or to convert glass to a whiteboard.
  • COLOURED TINT: Simple coloured tint designed to add blues, yellows and other colours to a piece of glass easily.
Frosting Window Film Adelaide

Safety Window Film for businesses

Adelaide Window Tinting’s safety film offers several levels of protection that prevent any hazards associated with broken or shattered glass. It’s strong adhesive formula combined with multiple polyester layers, holds glass in place in the event of accidental damage or forced breakage. Windows and doors break for many reasons but with safety window film you can be certain that the glass will not shatter, avoiding severe consequences.

For example, around the office, when a window is broken from severe impact this can cause glass to scatter inside your building. This means minor fragments can be hard to find especially if the area is carpeted. If employees get injured, they may miss time from work or worse yet, hold you liable! Our safety window films hold the window together keeping the shards of glass where they belong.

Safety Window Film Adelaide

Security Window Film

Adelaide Window Tinting’s security film holds the glass together in the event it is broken, and provides an effective barrier to deter potential thieves. It’s simpler and cheaper to replace a pane of glass with film than to lose your computers, office furniture and other valuables.

Did you know?

41% of all break-ins are through locked windows and 62% of people upgrade security AFTER being robbed.


We supply and install office window tinting films ranging in thickness from 100 – 350 micron.

  • 100 micron is standard building quality and provides suitable security for small commercial owners.
  • 350 micron is bomb-blast quality and is the film of choice for government and business buildings that may be at risk.
Security Window Film Adelaide

Anti-Grafitti Window Film Adelaide

Anti-graffiti film is purpose built to protect windows and other surfaces from vandalism. If damaged, it is easily removed by a trained installer. Anti-graffiti film acts as a protective barrier and keeps your building safe from damage.

Adelaide Window Tinting’s anti-graffiti film can be applied to more than just glass. We can apply an anti-graffiti film to non-porous materials such as acrylics, metals, mirrors and laminated surfaces to protect your asset. With up to a 94% savings over glass replacement, anti-graffiti film will save you money and down time.

Anti-graffiti film is perfect for high traffic areas susceptible to vandalism such as shopping centres and public transport. As well as protecting your windows, anti-graffiti films also block out 99% of UV rays, which damage merchandise and cause fading.

Anti-Grafitti Window Film Adelaide

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Benefits of Commercial Window Films

The benefits of commercial window tinting film are wide-ranging. Windows open your office space to natural light, warmth and views of the outside world. Unfortunately, they also open you up to high energy costs, heat build-up, excessive glare, and the premature fading of interior furnishings. Tinting your office’s windows with a quality window film allows you to bask in the sunlight, worry-free.

Commercial window films (sometimes referred to as commercial window tint) is one of the most effective and economical methods of controlling energy costs and increasing comfort for new construction and retrofit projects alike. A smart alternative to window replacement, commercial window film offers premium, high-performance glazing solutions for all types of glazing systems: clear, tinted, low-e or coated glass, and from curtain wall to interior glass.


Office window tinting can significantly improve energy efficiency. With a thin, virtually invisible addition to your home’s existing windows, window films can help you save up to 34% on cooling and heating costs.


Open your blinds, shades, or curtains and let the sunlight in. In addition to blocking heat, home window tinting reduces glare by up to 95%, making it easier for you to watch television or work on a computer. Because commercial window films are made with ultra-clear, distortion-free materials, you won’t even know it’s there.


Most fabrics, furnishings and artwork can fade simply by allowing daylight to pass through an untreated window. Commercial window tinting will block up to 99.9% of all UVA and UVB rays, helping to protect your family or employee’s and preserve the colour of your furnishings, fabrics and carpets.


Window films can help eliminate hot and cold spots within your building by using film that reduces heat gain coming through the glass in hot areas. This will create a more balanced temperature across the space and reduce the load on your air conditioning system.


Glass can be a real hazard in your commercial building when broken from accidents, storms, or break-ins. Safeguard everyone and your property with safety window films. This transparent but powerful barrier helps hold glass in place should an impact occur, help keep an intruder out and help defend you against the unexpected.


While damaged or deteriorating windows must be replaced, ommercial window tinting provides an affordable alternative to replacement when your goal is to improve energy efficiency. In fact, the cost for quick, professional installation is about one-tenth the cost of the replacement of windows.

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